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2-12-24: A New Journey Begins

As the ink dries on the results of my Contractors State Exam, the reality begins to set in—I am officially on my way to becoming a licensed General Contractor. This achievement isn't just a professional milestone; it's the cornerstone of a dream I've nurtured for years, one that I'm ready to bring to life through Johnson Built, Inc. As an African-American woman in my mid-30s, this journey represents more than just a career path; it's a statement, a testament to perseverance, and a beacon of inspiration for others who may see their dreams as distant.

The Birth of Johnson Built, Inc.

The idea behind Johnson Built, Inc. is not just to build structures but to craft homes and spaces that reflect the dreams and aspirations of those who inhabit them. My vision is to blend creativity, functionality, and sustainability, providing a bespoke experience that turns living spaces into personal sanctuaries. The excitement of embarking on this new journey as a General Contractor is palpable, not just for the opportunity to shape environments but to carve out a niche in a field that has traditionally seen limited diversity, especially for women and, more specifically, African-American women.

Overcoming Barriers, Embracing Possibilities

The road to passing my Contractors State Exam was paved with challenges, each one a lesson in resilience. Studying for the exam, mastering the nuances of construction laws, safety regulations, trade protocol and processes, and business management, while balancing life's other responsibilities, was a Herculean task. Yet, with every obstacle overcome, my resolve strengthened, and my vision for Johnson Built, Inc. became clearer.

This achievement is more than a personal victory; it's a beacon of hope for others who may feel discouraged by the barriers they face due to their gender, race, or background. It's a message that with determination, support, and hard work, it's possible to shatter ceilings and build new ones in their stead—ceilings that others will look up to, inspired by what lies beyond. Achieving this milestone during Black History Month holds special significance for me. As we approach Women's Month, I am prepared as a member of this minority to lead and create. I aim to be an inspiration to my own daughter and all children, demonstrating the power of perseverance and vision.

Crafting Custom Homes and Spaces

With Johnson Built, Inc., I aim to redefine what it means to create a home. It's not just about four walls and a roof; it's about crafting spaces that resonate with the people who live in them. This means understanding their needs, dreams, and the little things that make a space feel like theirs. It's about innovation, sustainability, and creating environments that not only meet today's needs but are adaptable for tomorrow's dreams.

Looking Ahead

As I step into the role of a General Contractor, I'm excited for the possibilities that lie ahead. I look forward to collaborating with clients, architects, and designers, bringing a diverse perspective to the table, and challenging the norms of the construction industry. Johnson Built, Inc. is more than ill a construction company; it's a promise of commitment to excellence, diversity, and the belief that every space has a story waiting to be told.

A Journey Shared

This journey is not just mine; it's a shared narrative with every young woman, every African-American girl who dreams of breaking molds and forging their own path. Through Johnson Built, Inc., I aim not only to build structures but to lay down the foundation for future generations to build upon their dreams, just as I am building mine.

As I embark on this new chapter, I invite you to join me on this journey. Together, let's create spaces that inspire, innovate, and invigorate. Welcome to Johnson Built, Inc., where dreams are constructed, one brick at a time.

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